The Heroes of Flight 93





We're being hijacked!


There's a little problem with the plane...


Tell me, is it true?


The World Trade Center AND the Pentagon?


That's it, we're going to do something...


Capt. Jason DahlFirst Officer LeRoy Homer  

Cee Cee LylesLorraine BayWanda GreenSandra BradshawDeborah Welsh

Christian AdamsTodd Beamer

Allen BeavenMark Bingham

Deora BodleyMarion Britton

Tom Burnett Jr.William Cashman

Georgine CorriganPatricia Cushing

Joseph DeLucaPatrick Driscoll

Ed FeltJane Folger

Colleen FraserAndrew Garcia

Jeremy GlickLauren Grandcolas

Donald GreeneLinda Gronlund

Richard GuadagnoToshiya Kuge

Hilda MarcinWaleska Martinez

Nicole MillerLouis Nacke

   Donald PetersonJean Peterson

Mark RothenbergChristine Snyder

John TalignaniHonor Wainio

Kristin White




You need to be strong...


Pray, just pray.


OK, I have my butter knife from breakfast.



Call the authorities.


We're boiling water.


I think we're turning around...



We've decided we're going to do it.



I love you very, very much!


I'll call you right back!



Stay on the line, I'll be back...


We're all running to first class...



Are you guys ready?  

Let's roll!
















The theme to "A Bridge Too Far" by John Addison