Pine Cone Soup


This is a story about Pine Cone Soup.
Pine Cone Soup is good for kids, children and youngsters.
If you want to make Pine Cone Soup, you will need a cooking pot and a place in the woods where pine trees grow.
When Joey Daytona was five years old he took a trip to his grand-parents house.
All his relatives were there visiting Grandma and Grandpa Daytona.
There were cousins from California, nieces from Nebraska, nephews from New Hampshire, aunts from Auntarctica and uncles from Unclahoma.
They were all together enjoying the sunny weather and decided to have a cook-out bar-b-que using a grill. The kids drank lemonade and apple juice while the adults drank other things kids are not allowed to drink.
Soon it was time to start the fire on the grill and inside the house in the kitchen hot dogs and hamburgers, chicken and ribs, potato and macaroni salad and regular lettuce salad were being made. Uncle Daytona told the kids it was time to get ready to make Pine Cone Soup!
All the kids stood and listened very politely as the uncle told them how they needed to go up to the woods where the pine trees were to get the fallen pine cones on the ground. Pine cones are seeds for the evergreen trees.
Evergreen trees have needles instead of leaves and are green all the time, even in winter. Uncle Daytona got three big metal cooking pots from the kitchen and gave them to the kids. He also told them to not come back until all three pots were full of pine cones.
They took them up the hill to where the pine trees grew.
When they got there they saw all the small things around them.
Underneath were the dried up needles that poke your feet if you wear sandals.
They saw the sticky gooey sap that smelled like pine trees.
They saw the little tiny insects on the ground and on the trees.
They saw all the pine cones that had fallen off the evergreen trees so that the seeds would grow up to be trees too someday, just like kids grow up.
It took a very long time to fill up the three big metal cooking pots with pine cones.
The kids went from tree to tree and they had fun finding the pine cones.
Some were green and new and fresh and others were brown and dried up. They brought their pots full of pine cones back just as the adults were ready to eat. The kids put the pots down and sat down to eat the food and it was delicious. When everyone had their hot dogs and hamburgers, chicken and ribs, potato and macaroni salad and regular lettuce salad one of the kids asked if it was time for Pine Cone Soup.
All the adults laughed and laughed.
The kids were confused.
Then Uncle Daytona told them that since everyone was so full they would save the pine cones to make the soup tomorrow, so they put water into the pots and pans to 'soak' the pine cones to get them ready to make the soup.
The next day all the relatives got ready to leave and they packed their bags and got into their cars and waved goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Daytona and forgot all about Pine Cone Soup for another year until they would meet again.